NÜO is the perfect Access Control System to guarantee security in corporate buildings, since it allows the integral management of the same, controlling all types of doors: Main accesses, lathes, parking, offices, technical rooms, etc.

From 1 to 1,000 doors, and up to 10,000 users, with biometric identification, on card, or both…
With [enlace pagina=”Home” target=”_blank”]NÜO[/enlace] you can configure the solution that best suits your needs.

Our systems also have a great technological innovation and an exclusive design to integrate seamlessly into the building’s architecture. Because aesthetics are not at odds with high security and exceptional functionality.

On this occasion, we show you some images of one of the buildings where NÜO has been recently installed. A global, elegant and simply spectacular solution.

Swing doors in which the NÜO Flux card reader has been installed
NÜO TT6 card reclaimer

The main access to the building has [enlace pagina=”Complementos” target=”_blank”]swing gates[/enlace] in which the [enlace pagina=”NuoFlux” target=”_blank”]NÜO Flux[/enlace] card reader has been installed. And to make it easier to return visit cards, our [enlace pagina=”NuoTt6″ target=”_blank”]NÜO TT6[/enlace] retriever mailbox for cards is the perfect solution.


They are controlled with [enlace pagina=”NuoPass” target=”_blank”]NÜO Pass[/enlace] and [enlace pagina=”NuoFlux” target=”_blank”]NÜO Flux[/enlace] wired readers for fingerprint and card respectively, and with [enlace pagina=”NuoTok” target=”_blank”]NÜO Tok[/enlace], wireless readers, which provide an elegant, functional and easy to install solution.

NÜO Pass readers
NÜO Flux readers

The [enlace pagina=”WandM” target=”_blank”]Voxter W&M IP[/enlace] will allow the video intercommunication of any person with a central point of communication or management, guaranteeing the maximum quality of audio and video.


[enlace pagina=”Sky” target=”_blank”]Pi150 flush mounts,[/enlace] including the [enlace pagina=”WandM” target=”_blank”]W&M IP[/enlace] video intercom modules, and the [enlace pagina=”NuoPi150″ target=”_blank”]Pi150 reader module[/enlace] for MIFARE Plus® cards have been used.
In addition, the [enlace pagina=”WandM” target=”_blank”]Voxter W&M IP[/enlace] allows video intercommunication with the interior of the building.

And to control vehicle access, the perfect combination: The [enlace pagina=”NuoMatrik” target=”_blank”]NÜO Matrik[/enlace] plate reader with [enlace pagina=”Sky” target=”_blank”]Pi150 posts[/enlace] including card reader and [enlace pagina=”WandM” target=”_blank”]W&M IP[/enlace] intercom modules.

NÜO Matrik Camera
Post Pi150

All our products and solutions are the result of research and innovation, and are designed to suit your specific needs. We have the perfect alternative to ensure the security in your project or building.

Do you want us to help you?

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