Comprehensive platform for security management

Comprehensive platform for security management

NÜO One is a comprehensive security system that controls the movement of people in any space.

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The perfect solution

A world of possibilities

NÜO revolutionizes your access experience to make it unique, comfortable and reliable. Discover everything NÜO One can do for you, immersing yourself in a 360º experience like you have never seen before!


Discover the wide range of devices that NÜO One offers to manage employees, subcontractors and visits with maximum security.

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Discover a complete and integral access control experience where you will be able to secure each space according to its different security requirements.

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Antibacterial Treatment

At NÜO we take care of every single detail of our systems, even those that are not visible to the naked eye.

All NÜO biometric readers include an antibacterial treatment to prevent the generation of germs on the contact surface of the reader. This does not affect the user experience with the reader and ensures maximum asepsis in identification, helping to avoid contagion by contact. In addition, by being integrated into the reader’s own material, the efficiency of antibacterial protection remains active and effective over time.

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Attention to the smallest detail

No more “one-size fits all”

Not all doors are the same, and not all spaces have the same control and security requirements, which is why NÜO One offers the most complete range of access control equipment on the market, so that you can find a solution tailored to your need, made to measure.

Custom-made controllers

At NÜO we break our heads for you, offering a specialized solution for each functionality. Because a specific controller is capable of managing the accesses and security of your building in a much more agile, fast and secure way. In addition, you will be surprised by the ease and time savings in the installation.

The most logical and secure structure

La instalación de NÜO One, mediante Controladores y Unidades de Puerta, eleva el nivel de seguridad del Sistema de Control de Accesos al máximo. El cableado de los elementos de la puerta se realiza en la zona segura, por lo que es imposible acceder a la red de la empresa o forzar la apertura de la puerta manipulando las conexiones desde el lector. Activar la apertura de la puerta desde el lector pone en riesgo la seguridad de la puerta.

Fully Scalable

You can start with a few doors and expand the system whenever you want. It will not be a nightmare, it is as simple as adding a new device and setting up the new accesses and functionalities in the system.

Distributed intelligence

The NÜO One controllers are the brains of the system, responsible for managing the readers and the various devices related to the doors. Each controller manages the doors assigned to it, and it is the link between the terminals and the application. The controller recognises each of the users, and knows “how and when” each user can be granted access.


NÜO One integrates video-intercom and access control in a single system. An all-in-one solution like never before. It combines a biometric or card reader for employees and a sophisticated video-intercom within one terminal, providing perfect audio and video quality for unregistered users. 

100% compatible 100% integrated

Nothing needs to be integrated, so problems with incompatibilities are non-existent. Readers, controllers and the application are designed to work together. The result is a fully integrated global system, where everything works the first time round.

Web App

The NÜO One applications are delivered complete with all the functionality, and they include lifetime software updates and upgrades, provided the hardware supports them. It is surprising how easy it is to run all the operations through the latest generation responsive web interface.

Guaranteed delivery 24 x 7

Uninterrupted, continued operation is guaranteed with the NÜO One application which meets the strictest “high availability” demands, and includes monitoring services on servers with complete physical redundancy. This in combination with the NÜO One software, controllers and terminals guarantees error-free operation of the facility.


NÜO One can comprehensively manage the security of a company with offices in different locations. Management is simplified, with a centralised system where the terminals communicate with each other, regardless of the distance. You do not need to install a different system for each office and independent management is not required for each work centre.

Maximum resistance

All NÜO One equipment has been manufactured using the highest quality materials and they are designed to last, so they will not deteriorate over time. This is particularly true for outdoor equipment which has been designed to be resistant to abrasion, impacts, sunlight, rain, saline environments and extreme weather conditions.

IK 08

All NÜO devices are made of aluminum and high-quality materials that are ultra-resistant to shocks and scratches.
Years will pass by and NÜO will maintain its impeccable appearance without any maintenance.


IP 67

Terminals designed for intensive use under extreme environmental conditions. Prepared to resist abrasion, shocks, sunlight, rain, saline environments and extreme temperatures.


Multispectral technology

The NÜO Awa reader is equipped with a multi-spectral technology sensor that captures sharp images of the deep layers of the finger surface, ensuring correct identification of people with problematic, dirty, dry, wet or worn fingerprints. And of course it prevents access to false fingerprints.


Global management of the security of your building

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