Comprehensive Access Control
System for outdoors

Comprehensive Access Control
System for outdoors

The keys to a
breathtaking design

NÜO Sky is the solution for controlling all the pedestrian
and vehicle access of your company.

Simplicity is the standard we apply on the design of our
products, in order to achieve extreme ease of use,
a tough design and a sophisticated finish.




Its habitat:
The outdoors

Designed for intensive use under extreme environmental conditions.

  • All NÜO Sky parts are made of high-quality aluminum and materials resistant to abrasion, shock, sunlight, rain, salty environments and extreme temperatures.
  • The years may pass by, but NÜO Sky will always maintain its impeccable appearance without any maintenance.

Designed to resist


Endless Technology

  • High definition video
  • A perfect quality digital audio
  • Lighting modules and intensity regulation based on ambient light
  • Prepared for low light conditions
  • Latest generation biometric and access card readers
  • Maximum security with advanced encryption algorithms
  • Perfect functioning under any environmental conditions



  • NÜO Sky includes in a single terminal, all the necessary devices in an exterior access control system: toughness guaranteed with IP65 protection level, video, audio and access control modules, module to include your company logo, customization with colored finishes and lights, and much more
  • A design with clean lines that will last over time, a revolutionary aesthetic that impresses, a perfect finish and a functioning thought down to the last detail. The final solution for controlling pedestrian and vehicle access to your company.

Make an impression with NÜO Sky

One solution for every need

NÜO Sky has the most complete line of terminals for outdoor access control on the market. Flush wall mounting, installed on the surface or on a pole anchored to the ground. With video intercom modules, access card or biometric fingerprint readers, light and signaling indicators.

Impact your visits Impact your visits Impact your visits Impact your visits Impact your visits Impact your visits Impact your visits


Attention to the smallest detail

Maximum security without screws

At NÜO we have eliminated the front screws to improve the aesthetics of the equipment, without compromising the security of the system.

Ready to go in only 5 minutes

NÜO Sky leaves the factory fully assembled and internally wired, ready to connect. A true Plug & Play, so that installation costs is reduced to a minimum.

Fingerprint or Card, you decide!

Depending on your needs, choose to incorporate the most advanced biometric technology with NÜO Awa or the maximum security MIFARE Plus® proximity reader with NÜO Air.

Video intercom module

Hands-free with echo cancellation, digital noise reduction, auto volume, high-resolution color camera with 170º aperture wide-angle optics and Wide Dynamic Range for clear vision in extreme backlight conditions. Loud and clear, just perfect

Colored lights

NÜO Sky has a refined design and at night it is spectacular. Automatic regulation of light intensity and automatic control of lighting-up hours. Multiple colors available

8 finishes to choose!

Customizing NÜO Sky with the corporate colors and create and great showcase for the company.

Ground or wall: Always safe

NÜO Sky Flux comes with a flush-mounted system achieving a flawless finish. It only protrudes 11 mm from the wall. NÜO Sky Surf is the best option to avoid complications or to place it on an imposing and hard concrete wall. And the NÜO Sky post type models with ground anchoring have fixing systems to achieve an excellent result.
Maximum security without screws
Ready to go in only 5 minutes
Fingerprint or Card, you decide!
Video intercom module
Colored lights
8 finishes to choose!
Ground or wall: Always safe
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Set yours up!


Perfect design for your company

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NÜO Sky is a solution designed and manufactured by BY TECHDESIGN