Wireless handset

touchscreen monitor

digital microphones

Hands-free with
the latest generation
echo canceller

background noise

Automatic volume
adapted to
environmental noise

Operational autonomy
in case the server fails



Watch & Mochi

An absolutely innovative solution with the latest audio and video breakthroughs.

IP Video-intercom simplifies the company’s communication infrastructure. Headquarters and mobile workers at the organisation are integrated into one unified communication system.

No Software needs to be installed.

All the applications are embedded in the system itself, so you do not have to worry about anything. Connect it and start operating!

W&M Server

W&M Server manages communications between the W&M video-intercom system devices.

W&M Server


A small color TFT display and two touch buttons to set and keep the system in motion.


The W&M system is designed to ensure that the doors still operate even when the server is out of service.


The installation will be set up in just a few minutes. Configuration of the doors is extremely easy: give each door a name and the intercoms and video consoles will find each other automatically.


Powerful processor to ensure the information flows rapidly and that all the system devices work perfectly.

No software

W&M Server is a completely standalone compact unit that includes the Web application. No software needs to be installed. For a system with up to 4 video-intercoms and 4 video-consoles, the W&M Server. does not have to be incorporated.


W&M Server relates to other systems. It can send notifications about events via TCP/IP to control  points, alarm centres or digital videorecording systems.

Under control

W&M registers everything. Issue predefined reports by door, by event, by user... Everything under control.


The most powerful and intuitive management interface. Accesible from any browser and from any device (computer or tablet). Configure and check the status of all the devices in the installation at a glance.


No licenses or dedicated computer, no data bases and no need to depend on third parties... No worries!

W&M sPoE

Switch PoE for W&M View Video-console

A small but great idea! Install a video-console without laying a single cable.

The W&M sPoE switch enables to double the data network power point: one for the computer and the other, including the PoE supply, for the video-console.

W&M sPoE is a easy to install device, absolutely silent and with no fans, that centralizes and simplifies data network connections in a workplace.

W&M Wili IP

Secure door unit

Wili IP secure door unit simplifies the installation and guarantees door wiring security within the W&M videointercom system.

Activating the door lock from an intercom jeopardizes security. If the intercom is dismantled, the connections that run to the lock and opens the door can be easy manipulated. Moreover, the company’s data network will be exposed.

This is not possible with W&M; as Wili IP controls the lock from the secure zone. Wili IP also centralizes all the door wiring to ensure a clean and easy installation.

W&M Wili +

Audio + Video + Acces

When a door needs both Access Control and Video-intercom, wiring becomes more complicated. Wili+ door unit overcomes this problem and simplifies the installation. The Watch & Mochi video-intercoms become just another door element, not an extra. It completely integrates into NÜO Go! y NÜO One. The door sensor, the lock and the entrances-exits are controlled by one single system. The video-intercom and the readers give the same instructions in any situation, without confusion.

W&M and NÜO Go! or NÜO One; COMPLETE Integration!

Wili+ unit prevents access to the company’s network and avoids forcing the door open by manipulating the connections from the reader or the videointercom.



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