Video intercom system
with IP technology

Video intercom system
with IP technology

An absolutely innovative solution with the latest advances in audio and video.
IP video intercoms simplifies the communications infrastructure in a company.
Visits and employees of the organization are integrated into a single system.

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Hands Free

Hands Free with
Echo Cancellation

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Big screen

10.1” high resolution
color screen

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Automatic background
noise reduction

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Automatic volume in
relation to ambient noise

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MEMS digital

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Autonomy of operation
during a server crash

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Touch Monitor

High definition
touch monitor

All this with breathtaking audio and video quality!

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The perfect solution




W&M is the true Plug  Play. Connect it and done!

  • All its components are 100% compatible. One of the advantages of manufacturing both Software and Hardware.
  • Forget about problems when integrating equipment from different manufacturers. W&M works on the first try because almost everything is automatic.
  • Installation is faster and easier. You will be surprised by the ease of use and how quick it is to configure the system.


No Licenses

At NÜO W&M the software is included in the equipment: Licenses are over. Complications are over.

  • Safe and stable, without dependence over time with operating systems, licenses, updates, etc.
  • The software, applications… everything you need is already included in the equipment and you do not have to worry about anything: connect it and ready to go.
  • You can configure W&M from any computer or tablet browser. Simple and easy!
  • The application is so intuitive that you don’t need to learn anything. There is nothing to learn!



To design W&M we have carefully selected each element.

  • Everything designed to last and provide perfect operation.
  • We reduce the use of plastics to a minimum.
  • The case is made of aluminum and the front of ultra-resistant anti-scratch glass.

All with a spectacular design.



There is so much that a W&M video intercom system can do to improve security, access management and the image of a company.

  • Having a conversation with perfect sound quality, even with high background noise levels, and seeing the surroundings with total clarity, guarantee total security at the entrances.
  • NÜO W&M guarantees that all entrances are controlled and attended, all the time. Install multiple consoles in your office to avoid unattended calls.
  • Incorporate help or information points that you can place in strategic places of your company, to be able to communicate in case of emergency with the control center.



The solution with the latest advances in audio and video

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NÜO W&M is a solution designed and manufactured by BY TECHDESIGN