Smart contact lenses, injectable chips… evolution after wearables

Smart contact lenses, injectable chips… evolution after wearables

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The latest in innovation are no longer the wearables. Several companies such as Sony and Google are working on projects to go a step further. With the new technologies we will no longer wear our devices; now we’ll have them… inside!

Technology is advancing at breakneck speed; it is no secret. When we’re starting to get used to using wearables in our daily lives, companies like Google and Sony go one step further and bring us devices to be integrated into our own body.

Devices for the eyeball

In the case of Google, its latest development is focused on a device that is integrated directly into the eyeball. It is an injectable fluid, capable of solidifying and engage in the lens, and be oriented towards applications in the medical field, as it will improve the vision of patients and monitor their evolution.

At the moment, we know that the chip will feature wireless charging battery, own storage, and possibility of transmitting information via radio. The sensor will be controlled through a simple flicker, and will allow you to control functions such as exposure, shutter and speed.

Google smart contact lens

Google already launched in 2014 a smart contact lens that allowed diabetics control their glucose levels through the smartphone, in addition to helping people with presbyopia.

Sony Contact Lens

Sony, meanwhile, is working on a photography system to be incorporated directly into a contact lens. The purpose? Directly capture images that the user is currently viewing.

In this case, we have seen a sketch of the device, with lenses, sensor and image processor, and which allows functions such as controlling the lens aperture, zoom or image stabilization. Of course, it will also feature a small storage, and connectivity to transfer images and store them in the cloud.

In both cases, the patent and projects will take some time to appear on the market and reach the end user, but in a few years they could change the way we perceive the world and solve many medical problems.

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