We are a Spanish technology company, with 40 years’ experience designing,
developing and manufacturing Access Control systems.

40 years of NÜO

NÜO Planet is the Access Control universe created and designed by BY Techdesign.

We are a 100% Spanish technology company founded in 1980, specialising in the design, development and manufacture of state-of-the-art Access Control solutions to provide the highest level of security for all kinds of companies, from large corporations to small facilities and offices.

NÜO Planet is...


Almost 40 years’ experience in the market developing high security solutions have guided us on our journey to achieving a range of excellent systems.


At NÜO, design, innovation and technology unite for a unique experience. We create simple solutions that stand out for their ease of use without sacrificing the features of a great security system, a far greater challenge than creating complex, intricate systems. At NÜO, we resolve complex challenges with simplicity and intuition. 


Underwater immersions, pressurise water jets, exposure to extreme cold in ice chambers, insertion in industrial furnaces at desert-like temperatures, tolerance tests for humidity and saline environments, resistance tests with steel balls, electronic tests, etc. Before launch, we subject all our products to a battery of tests and severe conditions to guarantee the reliability and functional operation of the system.


We are a great research and development centre, creating and developing technologically innovative solutions which are both astonishingly simple to use and exclusively well designed. We make annual investments in new solutions to broaden and perfect our product portfolio, building our capacity to develop modern, streamlined and highly functional solutions. 


Our ultimate aim is to secure customer satisfaction and loyalty, supplying avant-garde solutions that stand out from the crowd, and highly personalised, friendly service. We want to earn our clients’ trust, which is why our systems are designed to ensure the perfect user experience and to be safe and easy to use and install. Because you are our inspiration!


We are passionate about what we do. We are a dynamic, creative, non-conformist team. We adore technology, we are crazy about design and our systems function to perfection, with zero incidents and complications.

Commitment to innovation

At NÜO, we don’t rest on our laurels. Technological research and development are intrinsic to our everyday lives.

We have an engineering department focused exclusively on researching and testing new components, materials, technologies, and programming languages so that our systems and products are constantly evolving.

We aim to achieve simplicity and functionality with functional potential and unique design features, to achieve technological excellence.

To make the best product we need to do more than harness the best technology. Every last detail requires close attention, applying the wisdom of our experience and complying with even the most stringent regulations.

“Exceptional results can only be achieved with maximum dedication”

We are pioneers in biometrics

We have been working with user recognition technologies and designing high security fingerprint and card readers for over 20 years.

We look upon biometrics as a natural component of our systems
rather than an added extra.

We have been working with user recognition technologies
and designing high security fingerprint
and card readers for over 20 years.

We are manufacturers

BY Techdesign is an engineering company that designs, develops and manufactures
security systems in Spain.

We have been manufacturing security systems in Spain for more than 40 years. We were the first high-security lock manufacturers for Spanish banks, and we are still one of a handful of access control companies that develops every phase of the product from software to hardware and from mechanics to electronics.

We are committed to quality and checks throughout the NÜO Systems production chain. Our manufacturing is a blend of cutting-edge technology and skilled assembly in some equipment, ensuring superior design, technology and functionality.

We are proud of our “Made in Spain” technology and how it is crossing borders.

Because 40 years is plenty of time...
Brilliant designs, Unique designs
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