NÜO Planet Membership for security installers

Welcome to our planet.

Welcome to NÜO Planet.


At NÜO we know the importance of offering the best service. .

For this reason, we don’t sale any NÜO solutions online, but exclusively through professionals that can offer an exclusive attention to each client, a high level of quality in the execution of the installation and an impeccable after-sales service. An added value that means that projects are not only based on price.

And here is where you come in. At NÜO we only work through certified installation companies, forming a worldwide network of collaborators that constitutes our most valuable asset.

Being part of NÜO Planet membership means having a unique opportunity to grow your business.
We believe in long-lasting, valued relationships where what matters is not only success, but also an inspiring collaboration. Because together we are part of a global solution.

What’s the meaning of being a NÜO Planet Member?

Being part of NÜO Planet means joining a project side by side with a technology company leader on the market, backed by 40 years in the security sector with extensive experience and recognized know-how.

Thanks to NÜO you will be able to reduce installation times and minimize incidents, since NÜO solutions have been entirely designed to facilitate work for the Installer, simplifying the set-up work as much as possible.

Benefits of being a NÜO planet member

Thanks to NÜO and in a simple way,you will increase sales and retain your Clients with complete solutions, with the latest technology, with a simple and intuitive user experience and incomparable design.

As a NÜO PLANET installer you will benefit, among others, from the following advantages:

  • Having the latest generation systems in the Access Control world.
  • Continuous technical training.
  • Project design and advice at all stages of the process.
  • Personalized commercial material and demo material.
  • Preferential access to projects prescribed by NÜO Planet.
  • Commercial synergies in global operations.
  • Exclusive discounts.
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Join NÜO Planet

Email us at nuoplanet.member@by.com.es
and enter this irresistible collaboration program.

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