NÜO Planet Sustainability

NÜO knows that sustainable companies will
lead the future

As part of our environmental awareness, we have implemented a series of measures focused
on reducing our impact on the environment, and together, making a better world.

plastic free 2
energy saving
lead free
green design

Ecological Materials

We want to use as little plastic as possible, which is why we use premium, high-quality, ecological materials, such a ultra-resistant glass, aluminium, magnesium, and silver.

We select hard-wearing materials, which are easy to recycle and contain no chemical additives like lead, which can be transformed into products without generating much waste.

Green Design

Energy consumption matters to us, which is why we guarantee the energy efficiency of our products. Additionally, we have also implemented Green Design; the design of our new products is based on a global vision that incorporates the materials used, a reduced number of components, and the improvement and simplification of production, assembly, and disassembly processes. This will reduce our energy consumption during manufacturing and maintenance processes, while also facilitating end-of-life recycling.

Sustainable Packaging

We design innovative packaging that makes minimal use of plastics and fewer elements. We have improved our packaging in record time by choosing cardboard a 100% recyclable product which is harmless to the environment.

We work hard with suppliers to improve our environmental footprint by eliminating plastics from our packaging processes and expect to eliminate plastic packaging from the value chain in the near future.

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