Video + Audio + Accesses

In a single system!

Your entrances will be managed in the most efficient and simple way, all the time. Thanks to NÜO Go! that incorporates a powerful controller specifically designed to manage entries with video intercom and access control.

Forget about having separate management systems, NÜO Go! comes to make your life easier.

In addition, you will have all the information in one single application.

Because less is more.


All the time

Receive your visitors through a sophisticated video intercom with perfect audio and video. All integrated in the same terminal.

It is simple. Just place one of the multiple terminals from the NÜO Sky line on each of the entrances to your building and connect them with a high-resolution video console answered from the office reception. You will see the person who is trying to access and everything around with total clarity and you will be able to talk with them with the highest sound definition.

Maximum security

Smart management with W&M View

Open or lock doors, put the door in free passage if you need to keep it open for an event or when the delivery person comes, activate the emergency function so that all doors automatically open in a dangerous situation, etc.

Everything in the simplest way: from the high resolution and touch screen W&M View console.

«All this with a superb
audio and video quality!»

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