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High security outdoor multispectral biometric reader NÜO Awa

Featuring a latest generation multi-spectral sensor, NÜO Awa
captures the deepest layers of finger surfaces in clear
detail, guaranteeing that people with problematic, dirty,
dry, wet or worn fingerprints are correctly identified.
This stops access with fake fingerprints.

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through gloves

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icono tratamiento antibac azul


icono lectura guantes azul

through gloves

Everything you could
ever want in a reader

Latest generation multitechnology reader. Featuring biometrics,
MIFARE Plus® proximity cards, NFC technology to use smartphones
as cards and Bluetooth® communication capacity with Apps via smartphone or tablet

icono Biometría2

Latest generation biometrics

The most advanced biometrics with
multispectral technology

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Top security in contactless cards

icono NFC

NFC Technology

Communication with apps via
wireless interface

icono bluetooth

Bluetooth communication

Communicates with apps via
smartphone and tablet

señales acusticas

Acoustic-light indicators

Displays reader status with
acoustic-light indicators

icono empotrado

Flush Mounting

installation in wall in universal
mechanism box

Ready to brave
the elements

Specifically designed to work outdoors in extreme
weather conditions, withstanding temperatures
from -20 ºC to over 60 ºC. With a finish that is highly
resistant to abrasion, impacts, sunlight, rain, and
saline conditions.

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Grupo 918@2x
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you love

Manufactured with top-quality polycarbonate, with a highly-resistant scratch
proof glass front panel, with minimal use of plastics. Long-lasting with only minor maintenance.

Select the finish that suits your office best: white or black glass front.

AWA suelo características EN@2x

Access in a
modern way

Top Security cards 

PVC cards, key fobs, silicone wristbands. All models can be customised with top quality printing.

100% Integrated

At NÜO, biometrics is not an added extra, it is fully integrated. Application, controllers, and readers manage fingerprint patterns instinctively, and naturally, guaranteeing accurate identification and top security.

Bluetooth and NFC technology
Always Connected 

With NÜO you can use your smartphone as an access card. Just hold your smartphone close to the reader, and the door opens, like magic. Only if you have permission to go in!

Choose your
way of access

NÜO Awa is a multitechnology reader.
Choose the access that fits you best: access card, fingerprint or your smartphone.


NÜO biometric readers feature an antibacterial treatment that stops germs from
proliferating on the reader surface. Manufactured with polycarbonate with silver ions
for maximum hygiene when operating the reader while preventing contact transmission.
What’s more, because it is embedded and integrated into the reader material, the antibacterial
protection persists and is effective over time.

Contact us 

Any questions? We will contact you as soon as possible and if you
leave us a phone, we will call you.

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