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Minimalism in
perfect harmony

An exclusive video-intercom welcomes visitors
and connects you to the outside at any time.
W&M Voxter is a latest-generation video-intercom
that incorporates the latest developments in audio
and video. Endless power and an avant-garde, elegant
design that integrates seamlessly in any environment.

Reinvent your
visits access

W&M Voxter protects people and retail goods, corporate and
public buildings, universities, hospitals and clinics. You need
to interact with visitors who have not been approved or who
need help at numerous entrances: access to perimeters,
car park entrances, the lobby, unattended doors, etc.

voxter tumbado corregido@2x-min

It is much more than a
simple video-intercom!

Security as a way of life

W&M Voxter always keeps all your entrances controlled and monitored. It also includes assistance and information points located in strategic points of your company, to contact the control centre in case of emergency.

Designed for outdoor use 

Designed for intensive use under difficult environmental conditions, complying with the IP65 protection rating. Temperature changes, water, dust, dirt or saline environments will not change its appearance.

Premium materials

Manufactured in aluminium with an extra-hard chrome surface finish. The button and the camera are protected by a tough, scratch and disinfectant-proof glass front panel.

Excellent for three
good reasons


Touch button with light indicator built into the front panel, it responds to pressure and offers a pleasant user experience. Absolutely no maintenance is required, ever.


High-resolution megapixel CMOS 2 colour camera, with Wide Dynamic Range function to provide a perfect view in back light conditions and a 170º wide angle lens so no details are lost.


Equipped with a loudspeaker and a powerful sound amplifier for audible conversations even in extremely noisy conditions. High-quality communication is guaranteed in case of emergency, with loud, clear sound. Automatic noise reduction and volume adjusted automatically based on background noise.

Security that looks good

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