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Simple installation of NÜO access control systems

You will be amazed by how easy it is to configure the full system. NÜO Go! locates all the devices automatically, you only have to name the doors.
NÜO Go! solves all the complications, making your life easier.

A real commander

· Embedded proprietary software

· Color-coded piping

· Color touch screen with all the information you need to make your system to work perfectly.

· All inclusive: Power supply, Charger and Battery

· A single standard cable for data and to power

· 48V for more autonomy and bigger distance in the system 

· And much more…

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The display makes your life easier

No need for a computer. You will see in a second the status of the entire installation just by taking a look at the controller display: communications, power, batteries, inputs and outputs, IPs and much more. In addition, the Display alerts you in case of failure or problems in the power supply.


The simplicity you were looking for

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