Endless technology
Maximum security
A new application concept
100% integrated biometrics
Extremely simple

All equipment and applications have been developed from scratch to offer security, simplicity and the highest quality.

The most advanced programming technologies have been used to build a robust motor and an easy-to-use, intuitive web user interface.

The terminals are manufactured in avant-garde, tough, long-lasting materials and they are designed to offer maximum convenience for users and installers, taking care of every last detail.

We use technology to simplify complex problems, so that once the system has been implemented, it is almost unnoticeable, and everything works together naturally.

The result is an all-inclusive platform where everything fits the first-time round.

Security is the main reason for installing an access control system, and is the only way of keeping unauthorised people out of protected areas.

When it comes to security, we are always one step ahead, at the forefront in the design and manufacture of access control solutions for places that need maximum protection.

When it comes to security, we need to be clear:

1. A comprehensive solution encompassing both hardware and software is safer that one made up of devices by different manufacturers.

2. Proprietary protocol is safer than an open language one.

3. Wired facilities are less vulnerable than wireless ones.

4. Biometrics are not an added extra. They are fully integrated into NÜO One.

NÜO One consists of one single application. The software is pre-installed in the equipment, so you’ll never have to be inconvenienced by complex modules, licences or recurring costs.

It doesn’t matter how many users, doors and operators you have; you’ll always have the complete application with all the functions, free of charge forever.

If you decide to expand your system in the future, just install the hardware you need. It won't change the application and you’ll always be up to date.

No extras or added costs. No surprises.

Biometrics are not an added extra in NÜO One, they’re totally integrated. The application, controllers, and readers manage fingerprint patterns instinctively, guaranteeing accurate identification and maximum security.

NÜO One works simultaneously with three types of fingerprint technology: capacitive, optical and multi-spectral.

When a user is enrolled or removed from the system, the order is sent automatically to the required controllers and readers.

Everything is automatic, and of course, no third-party software is needed.

It couldn't be easier. There’s simply nothing to learn. NÜO One is the most intuitive, easy-to-use Access Control system.

Installing and configuring a system is a breeze, with automatic controller and terminal recognition that will leave you speechless.

Everything has been designed to save you time. NÜO One does everything for you, setting up complex functions that are resolved in the easiest way. Everything is pre-programmed and you only need to select them.

The controllers automatically recognise and locate all the terminals in the NÜO family so that all you need to do is place them with the door they are associated to.

To set up a door, just select one of the many available types: normal, automatic, emergency, row of turnstiles, lift, car park, and you're ready to go!

NÜO deals with all the complicated aspects to make your life easier.

Comprehensive platform for security management

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