Up to the task

A system that controls the people and vehicles that access your
company, specifically designed for outdoor use and anchored to
the ground. Sky Poles is the key to giving a great first impression
of any company. Visitors and employees will be impressed by
these magnificent high security posts and a superior user
experience. And you will have everything under control, as
intuitively as possible.

Connect to the most innovative security and choose the system
that best suits your needs from the most extensive range on the

Conecta con la seguridad más innovadora, y elige el equipo que más se adecúe a tus necesidades gracias a la gama más completa del mercado.

Master of
the outdoors

Equipment designed for heavy-duty use
under extreme weather conditions

Innovation and security
as a way of life

Rey en

Equipos pensados para un uso intensivo bajo condiciones ambientales extremas

Ultra-resistant materials

Made entirely in aluminium, it is resistant
to abrasion, impact, sunlight, rain, saline conditions
and extreme temperatures. The equipment will look
flawless for years and it is maintenance-free.

Maximum security without using screws

Concealed screw-less interlock.
Attractive without sacrificing the security of
the system. In case of tampering, the system
receives the signal and the post itself
emits an acoustic alarm.

Real Plug&Play

Comes fully assembled and wired internally,
ready to be connected. Depending on the device,
you only need 1 or 2 pipes for installation, avoiding
the typical cable tangles that usually occur in
other systems.

Reduces installation to a minimum

All the Sky modules feature standard
IP67 connectors. Replacing one module with
another is so simple. Disconnect the old one,
connect the new one, and you are good to go!

The ideal solution
for your company’s
private car park

A world
of possibilities

Customising NÜO Sky with your corporate image is an
excellent way to showcase your company.

An exquisite design, which is even more spectacular when it
lights up at night. The colour of the position module can be selected from the application.
The brightness of the light adapts automatically to the surrounding conditions.
There are two options to choose from: in white or in the same colour as the one chosen for the
position module. It turns on automatically at night. During video-intercom
calls, the modules light up to capture the image in dimly lit environments.

Pensado hasta
el mínimo detalle


Fingerprint, Card or Smartphone. You decide!

Access your company in a modern way.


Image of the module

Include your company logo or name.


High-resolution colour camera

With a 170º wide angle lens so no details are lost.


Latest generation touch sensitive button

Responds to pressure, has a light indicator and needs no maintenance.


Coloured lights

Customise the position module and lighting with a wide range of colours!


Loud and clear, always perfect

Echo cancelling, digital noise reduction and automatic volume.

Distant from the facade

Comprehensive access control system on a post-type
support used to enter the perimeter areas of buildings

Distant fro the facade

Architectural elements such as glass
facades or protected buildings can
make it very difficult for access
control equipment to blend in

The entrance is crucial

Comprehensive system for vehicle access control

The entrance is crucial

NÜO Sky Car is the key to providing a
great first impression of any company.
Visitors entering the facilities through
the car park will be surprised by this
exclusive and attractive post-type design.

For large and small

Double post for vehicle access control with
modules at two heights

For large and small

A car is not as high as a bus, so all the modules
for NÜO Sky Two are duplicated at different
heights. Trucks, cars, buses: one single post
provides access control for all kinds of vehicles.

Suitable for everyone

Post for access control of people with
reduced mobility or hearing disabilities

Suitable for everyone

NÜO Sky Help is a pedestrian access-control
post designed for people with reduced mobility.
It can also be used by people with hearing disabilities
as it includes a magnetic-loop transmission system.

Small but tough

Small-sized access control post

Small but tough

Sky Mini is a small-sized access control post.

In keeping with its surroundings

Traffic lights for vehicle access control

In keeping with its surroundings

Sky TL is an elegant traffic light for vehicle access control.