The simplicity you were looking for

The simplicity you were looking for

Little Great Genius

NÜO Go! is the safest, simplest and most
profitable Access Control system
on the market.

Using your computer, tablet or smartphone, you
will manage up to 8 doors and 250 users through
an intuitive application, which you can access
from wherever you are.

NÜO Go! is the global solution for your company.
Everything is included and works at first try,
without any complications. The software is
included in the equipment so you don’t
have to worry about licenses or extra fees.

It is impossible to make it easier.

All in a single move

Can you imagine arriving at your company and
first thing in the morning opening the door and
disabling the alarm, without any key?

Welcome to NÜO Go!, the Access Control that
makes it all that easy, from the start. Just put
your fingerprint on the reader, and your
business will be operating, just like magic.

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The perfect solution


All in One

NÜO Go! is a complete solution. An all inclusive system, where hardware and software come together in a single solution.

  • With NÜO Go! you don’t need anything else. All the system’s intelligence is deep-seated into the controller, the brain of your Access Control system.
  • NÜO Go! does everything for you, so that you can dedicate yourself to what is really important. In addition, it incorporates software, communications, power and batteries in a single equipment.
  • Connect NÜO Go! and don’t worry about incompatibility problems: Readers, software and application are designed to work together, recognizing each other with a perfect understanding. It includes some powerful pre-programmed features so all you have to do is to select the one you need.

All at a fingertip distance, with the most intuitive interface and accessible from any device: computer, tablet or smartphone.



With NÜO Go! you will manage up to 8 doors and 250 users.

  • 1, 2, 5 or 8 doors to control…It doesn’t matter! We have a solution for you. Start by controlling the spaces you need, and at any time, expand your system just by adding terminals. A walk on the park!
  • In addition, you can add 4 additional doors with video intercom and up to 48 doors offline with the NÜO Tok electronic locks. You don’t need heavy investments in a system that will overcome your needs.
  • NÜO Go! 8 is the simplicity you were looking for. Do you need to control a small office? Have you just opened your store and want to have everything under control? NÜO Go! 8 is your system.
  • NÜO Go! 8 is the system made for you. Let your business grown and NÜO Go! 8 will follow your lead. Invest in security the smartest way.

NÜO Go! adapts and grows with you.


It takes one click!

NÜO Go! informs you of everything.

  • Do not overthink about what happens in your company when you are not there. Know exactly what happens when you are not there. Create predefined or customized reports by doors, users, dates, events.
  • Everything just one click away. From any computer, tablet or even from your own smartphone, access all information or change any permissions with immediate effect on the system. 
  • Besides registration and deregistration in real time, manage the schedules and calendars that will allow each employee to move only through those spaces he/she is authorized to.
  • Any problems with an employee? You can cancel permissions automatically. Are there unforeseen events? A breakdown, an unexpected visit or a special delivery? Grant special permissions from wherever you are.

So intuitive that you don’t even need instructions.


Your smartphone is the key

With NÜO Go! you can use your smartphone as an access card.

  • At NÜO we know how important your smartphone is to you, keeping all your information and also being the way to communicate with the ones you love the most. Your smartphone is the only thing you never leave home without and the only thing that goes with you wherever you go.
  • Therefore, we have turned your smartphone into the key so that you can access and move around all the spaces of your business, your office or your home.
  • Bring your smartphone close to any reader and, as if it were magic, the door will open. As long as you have permission to enter, of course. This is possible thanks to the latest NFC technology that we have incorporated into our latest generation readers.

Forget about conventional keys and open your world to a new concept of access.



You will be surprised how easy it is to use NÜO Go!

  • Any tablet, computer or even smartphone can become the heart of your company’s access control.
  • You do not need to be an expert in computer or internet management, because we have designed for you a totally intuitive application, with a visual interface and menus designed for the user, with a very clean design and with no technical terms.
  • The maximum user experience at your fingertips.
  • NÜO Go! combines the security and functions of a great system with surprising ease of use. From the same screen you can manage your entire security system wherever you are, and from any device.
  • Go on vacation with the peace of mind that, from your smartphone and in the most intuitive way, you can allow the maintenance person or the delivery person to enter your company, without leaving the hammock.

NÜO Go! solves complex challenges in the simplest way.


No Licences

In NÜO Go! no software needs to be installed. It’s all included!

  • Forget about annual licenses and fee costs. NÜO Go! is the first access control system that does not charge you for the Software.
  • NÜO Go! is constantly evolving and you will benefit from new features and improvements from time to time.
  • Updates for the application and devices are free for life through the web application. Without licenses, without a special computer, without depending on third parties, without compatibility problems, without worries!

With NÜO Go! everything is possible.



We are leaders in Access Control solutions for all environments that require maximum protection.

  • NÜO Go! offers the highest level of protection: the latest fully integrated biometric technology, maximum security cards MIFARE Plus® EV1, protection of communications with encryption algorithms, ultra-resistant hardware, autonomy of operation against falls, etc.
  • When it comes to security, things need to be clear: a proprietary protocol is more secure than open language, and a wired installation is less vulnerable than a wireless one.
  • NÜO Go! incorporates advanced security functions that can be programmed directly from the application: dual intervention, supervisor function, airlock mode and antipassback. Plus an automatic opening of evacuation doors in case of emergency.

Because security is the most important reason to install an Access Control system.



With NÜO Go! you will cut installation and maintenance times in half. Without licenses and without ties, you only pay for what you need.

  • We think down to the last detail to make your life easier.
  • Automatic device configuration
  • Display for diagnostic on controllers
  • Communications and strength through a single standard data cable
  • Color connection on insert strips
  • 48V – to work longer and smoothly
  • No power supplies on doors
  • Software and hardware united so that everything works the first attempt 
  • A fantastic and super-intuitive user interface with minimal learning time

NÜO Go! Can you wish for more?



The All-In-One Controller

The brain of the system, the one that executes the orders immediately.

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Door Units

The most logical and safe structure

In charge of simplifying the installation, expanding it when necessary and making it more secure by preventing attacks from the outside.

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The “one for all” is over

NÜO Go! has the widest range of readers on the market: a specific one for each need. Biometrics, card readers, outdoor or indoor, with or without cables, with touch screen, with different types of installation and technologies.

Say goodbye to the keys!

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Things in a simple way

Manage your access control system from an intuitive web application with the most visual and intuitive user’s interface.

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Video intercom

Your entrances controlled all the time

Video intercom and Access Control in the same system.

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The simplicity you were looking for

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