All your entries controlled and
answered at any time!

We present NÜO WM, the digital video-intercom system with IP technology. An absolutely innovative solution with the latest advances in audio and video.

Receive your visitors through a sophisticated video-intercom with perfect audio and video quality that also allows your employees to access either with a biometric, or a high security smart card reader.

All integrated in the same system!

It is simple! Place a video-intercom in each entry of your business, connect it with our high-resolution video console and answer from your reception’s office or wherever suits you better. Whoever tries to access, will be seen and heard with both clarity and definition.

You can open or block doors, put the door in free passage if you need to keep it open for an event, training or when the carrier comes; activate the emergency function so that all doors automatically open in the event of an emergency… as you wish!

We guarantee maximum security, maximum efficiency and maximum control.

WM View

You will feel that the other person is right

Touch Screen

High Definition Screen



Great audio capability + HD, that is how Voxter goes. It is not a simple entry device. Configure welcome messages and amaze your visitors with Voxter´s acoustic and luminous features. Beauty and functionality are fully integrated.



Megapixel HD
Color Camera

Sky Flux/Surf

Prepared to resist to the toughest environmental conditions keeping an impeccable image

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