28 NUO WM V1 2006 1


W&M V1/V2

Desktop video console with a
ground-breaking design, made
entirely out of aluminium, with a
5.6” colour display. Incorporates
earpiece to establish private



Biometric reader that incorporates
advanced fingerprint reader and
contactless card reader based on
MIFARE technology. The reader
itself could store up to 2,000 fingerprint
patterns and incorporated ultraviolet
light to prevent bacteria growth.

B6I0862 Editar
30 Fonovisor Voxter 2008


Fonovisor Voxter

Vandal-proof intercom for exteriors
made from aluminium alloy with IP65
protection level. Includes colour
micro-camera with 135º wide angle lens,
“ENTER, WAIT” indicator light, and call
touch button with a piezoelectric sensor.



Monitor with elegant casing
and ceiling bracket, used at
the entrance to bank branches.

B6I0879 Editar sin fono
32 NUO Radio 2009


NÜO Radio

Radio controlled card reader to
identify people travelling in a
vehicle and also at temporary events,
congresses, shareholders’ meetings, etc.


Foxter Alarm

First central alarm unit to use native
TCP/IP protocol communications,
with a specific application to manage
multiple sites, with the ability to configure
all sites remotely.

Grafico Foxter Fire Brochure Mockup
otro spider sandra


Spider Pro

All models of Spider lock updated,
VdS approved. Software platform
launched to manage locks on
cash registers at thousands of
bank branches, with automated
remote programming.

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