35 NUO WM V16 2011 copia


W&M V16

Centralised modular video
intercom system that can
link up to 16 doors. Digital audio.



Radio-controlled miniature button
integrated into a mechanical key.
In the event of a robbery, a bank manager
could send an alarm signal by pressing a
button on a keyring. The key vibrated when
the signal was received. It also included
a MIFARE card to open the branch.

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Complete design of the entire
application and access control
systems for major corporations.
Includes automated fingerprint
pattern management. Advanced
management for visitors, contractors,
parking, and operator stations with
planimetry, alarm, and CCTV.


NÜO Surf

MIFARE Plus® card proximity
reader. Modern design with reader
status indicated via acoustic-light
display. Surface mounted for indoor use.

38 NUO Surf 2012 1
caja matrik v1 NUO MATRIK


Matrik V.1

Automatic license plate
recognition reader.


NÜO Swip

Affordable fingerprint biometric
reader with capacitive touch slide
technology. Capacity for up to 50 users.
Includes a MIFARE® Plus card proximity
reader. Wear-resistant surface finish with
antibacterial treatment.

40 NUO Swip 2012 1
41 NUO Pi150 2013 copia min



New version of the Pi120 post using
150×150 mm aluminium tubes and
improved modules with IP audio and video.



MIFARE Plus combined card reader,
bluetooth and capacitive numerical
keyboard that works perfectly outdoors.

42 NUO Key 2013 copia
43 NUO Chic 2014


NÜO Chic

Display TFT Touch y comunicaciones
GPRS. Compact biometrics and proximity
reader with high resolution optical fingerprint
sensor and MIFARE Plus® proximity reader
with the capacity for up to 1,000 users. TFT
Touch Display and GPRS communications.



Motorised MIFARE Plus® card reader
to identify, recover, and store visitor cards.
Container to collect cards. Slot with lights
to indicate accepted-rejected cards.
Indicators for access control,
malfunctions and full container.

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45 NUO Pass 2015


NÜO Pass

Combined biometrics and proximity
reader using high resolution optical
fingerprint sensor and high security
proximity reader for MIFARE Plus®
contactless cards. Capacity for up to
1,000 users. Flush mounting with
concealed screws hidden via a
glass lid with magnets.


W&M Voxter IP

Surface mounted video-intercom.
High quality digital audio with active
noise reducer Hands-free with
echo cancellation and automatic
volume control depending on
ambient noise. 170º wide angle
megapixel camera. Piezoelectric
call button that does not require
maintenance. Manufactured in
metal alloy with IP65 protection rating.

46 NUO WM Voxter 2015
47 NUO WM View 2015 1


W&M View

Desktop video-console to respond
to calls and manage doors/gates.
High quality digital audio with
active noise reducer and hands-free
with echo cancellation. Hands-free
conversations. 10.1” high-resolution
colour touch screen with anti-glare
treatment. Made entirely out of
aluminium. PoE power supply.

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