NÜO Planet Time Line 2015


48 NUO Go 2016



First access control system
with the application
embedded in the controller.
Genuine Plus and Play.
Capacity to manage up to 20
doors with one
Master Controller and 4 Slaves.
Power supply included in the
communication buses for
all door devices.
System set-up and management
controlled by web browser from a
computer, tablet, or smartphone.



Long-distance reader for
UHF cards, ideal for identifying
vehicles so they do not have to
stop at the barrier.

49 NUO ID 2016 copia min
sky flux 4m min



Complete redesign of the Pi150 post,
renamed the NÜO Sky. This new
version eliminates all the screws
from the front modules, achieving
a high level of security.
Lighting modules are improved
allowing the customer to choose the
colour through the software. The Sky
bailleFlux is included in the range,
an elegant bracket for mounting,
made entirely out of aluminium.
Designed for quick, easy, secure installation.


Sky Help

NÜO Sky access control post,
for use specifically by people
with reduced mobility or hearing
disabilities.Touch button with
raised rim, Braille indications,
and magnetic loop system for
audio transmission.

52 NUO Sky Help 2017
controlador one sin fondo



New range of controllers for
the NÜO One access control system,
including powerful processors and
lithium battery power supply.
New secure door units are designed,
simplifying installation and increasing security.



Combined biometrics and
proximity reader, with optical
fingerprint sensor, multispectral
image technology, and MIFARE Plus®
proximity reader, Bluetooth and
NFC communications.Capacity for
thousands of users via fingerprint recognition.
Suitable for outdoor use with IP67 protection
rating and IK08 impact resistance.

54 NUO Awa 2018  min
54 NUO Air 2018 min



MIFARE Plus® proximity card reader
with Bluetooth® and NFC communication.
Capacity for thousands of users via
fingerprint recognition. Suitable for
outdoor use with IP67 protection rating
and IK08 impact resistance. Tough and
long-lasting for intensive work settings.


NÜO One +

A new application concept, high
speed and 100% compatible with
new NÜO One controllers for specific
applications. New features and
improvements: multi-site, 24×7 operation,
control of thousands of doors, different
user profiles, etc.

NÜO One 1 1
nuo park izquierda


DC Park

Specific controller for complete private
parking management. Includes power
supply and all connections required to
control card or biometric readers, automatic
license plate recognition, ambient cameras,
long-range UHF readers, video-intercoms,
manual opening desks, barrier, traffic lights,
vehicle detectors, etc.


NÜO Polo y
NÜO Golf

New range of readers with a spectacular
design, made using premium materials,
reducing the use of plastics and achieving
an unbeatable level of design and durability.
Compatible with MIFARE Plus® EV1 cards
and NFC technology to use smartphones as
cards. Automatic closing/locking system
eliminating the use of screws.

POLO perspectiva
56 DC Lane 2019 min


DC Lane

Specific controller for rows of turnstiles,
using high speed readers.This equipment
completely eliminates cables from turnstile
access devices. All it requires is a data reader
for the entire row and a single cable that links
each turnstile to the next.
Manage thousands of users via fingerprints and
cards, switch and power supply for all devices.


NÜO Moon

Top-of-the-range biometric reader
specific to turnstile installations.
Includes optical fingerprint sensor
with very high resolution multi-spectral
technology and MIFARE Plus® proximity
reader with Bluetooth and NFC communications.
Capacity for thousands of users via fingerprint
recognition. Highly anti-bacterial solid silver
ring to position finger easily.

58 NUO Moon 2019 min
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