NÜO Go! access control system for home

Nüo Go! for Home

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Everything is possible with NÜO Go!

Few places are as important as your own home. Can you imagine being able to enter your house and with a single gesture open the door and turn off the alarm? Drive back home from work and having the garage door open by itself, remotely, and without any controls? Protect your privacy and your most precious belongings by controlling access to the winery, dressing room or master bedroom.

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Unexpected events?

A breakdown, an unexpected visit or a special delivery? Grant special permissions from wherever you are. Unlock the door you want, connect and disconnect the alarm…. All from your smartphone, tablet or laptop. As simple as that.

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Kiss your keys goodbye

State-of-the-art biometric readers will make impossible for you to forget your keys again. The key is you! You won’t have to make a duplicate every time an employee comes to work at your home, or worry about what might happen with those keys.

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Information within a click

You will know who entered, when and how long it was. The system alerts you even if someone tries to enter out of the assigned hours or without authorization. Solve access control management for your home in the simplest way possible: with NÜO Go!

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