NÜO Go! access control system for retail


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NÜO Go! is the solution

Not all business are the same or have the same security needs. When you think of pharmacies, clinics, jewelers, art galleries, bank offices, exchange agencies, lotteries, service stations or betting shops, the demands are from the most different kinds.

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Problems with an employee?

Cancel permissions and from that moment the person will find the door locked. A new person starts working at your establishment? Authorize their access. Is your regular delivery man on vacations? Deregister him from the system temporarily and register the fingerprint of the substitute or give him a card and allow him to enter your premises only during that period and at the times you decide. Did someone turn off the alarm? You will know who did it and at what time.

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NÜO Go! controls access and informs you of everything

Employees and all eventual technical staff will have access only to the spaces you decide. You can assign permits according to the area (warehouse, offices, back rooms, exhibitors) and according to the schedule and days you require. In NÜO Go! everything is registered, including unauthorized access attempts.

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Advanced security features

From the application you can activate special security functions such as the Supervised mode, which requires for a supervisor to be within the controlled area so that other people can access it; Dual Intervention mode, which requires the credentials of two people; or the airlock function that prevents opening a door if others are not closed.

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