NÜO Go! access control system for offices


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Everything under control all the time

NÜO Go! helps you to quickly organize and manage all the different security demands of access that are in an office: main entrance, reception area, vehicle access, offices, meeting rooms, file rooms, server room, warehouses…

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Decide who, when and where

Manage the hours of the employees, assign accesses to the different areas of your office, and authorize or cancel permissions. Any changes you make will have an immediate effect. And it doesn’t matter where you are: you can do it from any computer, tablet or smartphone.

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Everything is registered

You will be able to see reports of the entries and exits of your employees, or any other predefined and customized report: by doors, users, dates, incidents … You will even be able to know if someone tried to enter without authorization or out of the assigned hours. All this from wherever you are!

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It is even better with W&M!

As a plus, you can add W&M video intercom to have all of your entrances controlled and all calls answered. Maximum security and a great company image.

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