NÜO W&M IP videointercom system for large corporations

Big Corporation

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The ideal system

The perfect protection for people and property in Public, Corporate, University,Hospital and Clinic Buildings. Controlperimeter accesses,
entrances to the parking, the lobby, the elevator hall, unguarded doors
… all the access points where it is necessary to establish communication
with unaccredited visitors or to request help in emergencies situations.

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Help points

On the other hand, it is essential to act quickly in cases of emergency and situations in which the safety of people or property is endangered by having help points in strategic places in the building to communicate with
the control center

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Control accesses and receive your visits, all in one system

The great advantage of the W&M video intercom system is that it can work
either as an independent communication system or fully integrated into the
NÜO One access control platform, the specialized solution for managing security in big corporations.

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Superb audio and video

Having a conversation with perfect sound quality, even with a lot of noise on the background, and seeing the visitor and surroundings with total clarity guarantee total security at the entrances.

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