NÜO W&M IP videointercom system for shopping centres and retail

Retail and Shopping Center

Pure technology!

There are many points in a shopping center where W&M solves communication and
security problems. A good example is the entrances to the parking lot, the elevator area, access doors to restricted areas, information or help points by floors, in rest areas, daycare, access to terraces at night, pick-up points for online purchases, control points for security personnel, warehouses, etc.


All W&M components are made from the highest quality materials, preventing
breakdowns by reducing maintenance to a minimum. The installation is simple and
economical, there is no need for a special wiring, the center’s LAN data network can be used.

The ideal solution for Retail

NÜO W&M is also the ideal solution for Retail, especially for those with special security needs such as jewelers, banks, pharmacies, currency exchange agencies, art galleries, betting houses, etc. Any place where controlling the access of unaccredited visits is essential.


W&M Voxter video intercoms have an IP65 degree of protection and are prepared to resist temperatures from -20ºC to above 50ºC and all kinds of weather conditions.