NÜO W&M IP videointercom system for homes

Nüo W&M! for Home

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Simplicity as away of life

Imagine arriving at your workplace and opening the door, disabling the alarm and raising the security blind, without any key and in just one move? NÜO Go! is the Access Control system that makes it all that easy, from the start. Forget rummaging for keys in your bag or pockets or trying to recover keys you have lent out. All you need to do is use your fingerprint or card and you’ll
be up and running. Just like magic!

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Kiss your keys goodbye!

Quickly organize and manage the security demands of your home: main entrance, file room, home office, cellar, dressing room, storage room, private swimming pool… By using NÜO Go! each person becomes its own key, and you can choose the credentials that best fits your needs: fingerprint, access card or use your smartphone as a key. Forget about conventional keys and open your to a new
concept of access

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Problems with an employee?

Cancel permissions and, from that moment, the person will find the door locked. All changes take effect in real time.

A new person starts working at your stablishment? Do you have subcontractors for certain services (maintenance, cafeteria, cleaning service)? Authorize their access. It only takes a couple of minutes. Is your regular delivery man on vacations? Disable him temporarily in the system and add his replacement’s fingerprint or give him a card to access your premises only during the period and at the times you decide. Did someone turn off the alarm? You will know who did it and at what time.

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Information within a click

NÜO Go! registers everything. Issue predefined or customized reports: by doors, users, date, events. The system alerts you even if someone tries to enter out of the assigned hours or without authorization.

It also includes powerful functions already programmed that will give you new ideas to solve security problems in your business. (supervisor mode that requires a manager to be in the room in order to grant access to other employee, dual intervention that requires two different user credentials, emergency mode, etc.)

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