NÜO W&M IP videointercom system for industries

Nüo W&M! for Industry

Grupo 3197@2x

Toughness guaranteed

Strength is guaranteed with the quality of the materials used in the manufacture of W&M intercoms, extremely resistant to the harshest environmental and working conditions.

Grupo 3198@2x

Loud and clear

It incorporates a speaker and a powerful sound amplifier allowing you to carry on conversations in extremely noisy environments. The quality of communication
is guaranteed and in case of an emergency situation, the conversations will be heard clearly.

Grupo 3199@2x

Made of the best

W&M Video Intercoms are made of aluminum with a special superficial finish in
extra hard chrome. The button and the camera are protected by a tempered glass
front that is ultra resistant to shocks or scratches. Nothing will modify the
appearance of this fantastic video intercom, not even temperature changes, water, dust, dirt or saline environments near the sea.

Grupo 3200@2x

Profitability and safety

Suitable to any type of Heavy, Pharmaceutical or Light Industry, NÜO W&M system secures people and also avoids downtime in production.

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