NÜO W&M IP videointercom system for companies and SMEs


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Impact your visits with NÜO W&M

There is a lot that a W&M intercom system can do to improve the security, management and image of an office. It is simple, place an intercom on each of the access doors to the building and connect them with a video console answered from the reception of your office. To avoid missed calls, place a second console in the warehouse and a third one to an employee on duty

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Feel that the other person is right next to you!

The W&M video intercom guarantees total security at the accesses to your facilities. Not only will you be able to carry on a conversation with perfect sound quality, but we will also be able to see the person and its surroundings with total clarity thanks to the high resolution color video console.

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Controlled entrances at any time

This way, we will guarantee that all the entrances are controlled. If there are calls taking place after hours, they will go directly to the second console and, from this, to the one an employee attends on duty. There will always be someone answering.

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If you want the conversation to be private, the console has a wireless handset excluding the cables that are continuously tangled. It is much more difficult to design, but the experience of using it is incomparable.

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