NÜO One access control system for big corporations

Large Corporation

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Comprehensive management from a single platform

In large buildings it is essential to provide protection and security to the assets and people who work in them, both in the development of daily activities and in emergency situations. From the control room, you can manage the security of the entire building through an intuitive web application, to which you can incorporate operator stations and video walls for absolute control.

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Absolute control of all spaces

It controls access and welcomes visitors at the entry points of vehicles and people: Entrances from the outside, entrance to the private parking of the company, turnstiles, elevators, reception and management of visits, offices, archives, server rooms, etc. Each space controlled in the most efficient way.

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Reception and management of visits

Maximum agility in the registration of visits; specific enrollment devices for each reader, document scanners linked to an accreditation (ID, passport, etc.), webcam or nearby environment camera, proximity card printer with specific access configuration, planning and prior registration of visits in the system and digital validation by the person responsible for the visit. All to avoid waiting for your visits and generate a positive image of your building.

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Entrance through winches

NÜO One has a complete and tailored solution for lathes. It manages entrances and exits with large flow rates, providing an extraordinary user experience in terms of simplicity and speed, avoiding crowds.

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