NÜO One access control system for industries

Nüo One for Industry

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A challenging environment

High traffic areas, others with restricted access, different security needs and a challenging environment: heavy industry, chemical, oil, energy, light, etc. When we talk about industrial facilities, it is necessary to guarantee the occupational safety of workers and make workflows more productive.

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NÜO One solves the integral management of the security of an industry with headquarters in different locations. From a single control center you will be able to manage the data and configure the accesses of all the users. You will not need to install a different system in each headquarters and maintain independent management of your work centers.

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Everything is registered

Full and real-time control of all the spaces and employees in your industry. Define the schedules, shifts and calendars that will allow each employee to move only through those spaces in which they are authorized. Cancel lost cards and immediately prevent people leaving the company from entering. Monitors and controls the use of the application by operators and verifies the history of incidents by user, door, date …

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Designed to resist

Equipment designed for intensive use under extreme environmental conditions. Made entirely of aluminum, resistant to abrasion, shock, sun rays, rain, salty environments and extreme temperatures. Years will pass and NÜO One will always maintain its impeccable appearance without the need for maintenance.

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