NÜO One access control system for logistics

Nüo One for Logistics

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Tailor-made solution

Truck access control and fleet management with specific double height terminals to guarantee comfort in the access of large and small, remote UHT readers, automatic license plate recognition, etc. Protection with the latest biometric technology for warehouses of valuable goods. NÜO One is the most efficient solution for transport and logistics companies.

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Global management of large complexes

When it comes to large complexes that require continuous registration and cancellation of users or contracts, manage a significant number of visits, carry out surveillance tasks by viewing multiple cameras and receive alerts and notifications from the different security and access systems, NÜO One It has specific models of Operating Posts.

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Operating Posts

There are models in which the operator can interact with all the spaces of the NÜO One platform, receive data and images from all of them at the same time and view the entire installation in a graphic system with positioning plans and automatic zoom, others are dedicated to a unique function such as the management of visits, or the viewing of CCTV cameras.

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Simplicity and high security at your fingertips

NÜO One is the answer to all the needs of the sector, because it guarantees the exhaustive control of employees, visits and contracts, so that you get an overview and manage your accesses efficiently and quickly. No more uncontrolled access to sensitive areas of your facilities or products that disappear from warehouses.

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