NÜO One access control system for healthcare


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Comprehensive control.

The challenges to securing hospitals and health institutions are very specific, since they are complexes that operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, where the public can freely access common areas, while at the same time requiring security very strict when it comes to patient and employee safety, medical information, operating rooms, drug stores, neonatal wards, intensive care, etc.

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Elevator management

The correct management of elevators is essential in hospitals. Reserve lifts for the exclusive use of healthcare personnel using biometric or card readers that function as a call button, and inside the cabin to activate it. And it allows only authorized personnel to get off at certain sensitive plants. It includes a video intercom system inside to communicate with plant centrals when saving time is essential to save a life.

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Safety at the microscopic level

All NÜO biometric readers incorporate an antibacterial finish to prevent the generation of germs on the reader’s contact surface. This does not affect the user experience and ensures maximum asepsis in identification, helping to avoid contagion by contact. Furthermore, as it is embedded and integrated into the reader material, the effectiveness of the antibacterial protection remains active and effective over time.

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Guaranteed Identification

All NÜO biometric readers incorporate the latest in multispectral optical technology, which allows to recognize fingerprints under intensive working conditions. It does not matter that the fingers have grease, cream or scars, because even through a latex glove the user will be correctly identified.

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