NÜO One access control system for shopping centres

Shopping centre

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Maximum security. Maximum efficiency.

There are many points in a shopping center where NÜO One solves security problems, even in cases of help or emergency. Entrances to the parking lot, elevator area, access doors to restricted areas, information or help points for floors, employee rest areas, childcare, access to terraces at night, online purchase collection points, control points for security personnel, warehouses etc.

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Guaranteed execution 24×7

In addition, the NÜO One application guarantees continuous execution, without interruptions and with the highest demands for “high availability”, which includes monitoring of services on servers with complete physical redundancy. This together with the software, the controllers and the NÜO One terminals, guarantees the operation of the installation without errors.

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Operator control and management

You will be able to simultaneously manage and view the different spaces of NÜO One: Planimetry with movement and automatic zoom, CCTV with intelligent layout, Access Control, Visits, Intrusion, Video intercommunication, Rounds and Automation. NÜO One facilitates and monitors the work of the operator with notifications with an action protocol assistant, biometric identification of the operator from time to time, auditing, recording of operations, etc.

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Prepared for emergencies

In the event of dangerous or evacuation situations, NÜO One incorporates functions to guarantee the automatic opening of doors and allow free passage. It manages the readers and predetermines how each door should behave in the event of an evacuation, for example, keeping open for areas with personnel and closed for areas with material that must be protected. It also includes a capacity control function to ensure that all users have evacuated the shopping center and know who is still in the facilities.

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