NÜO One access control system for education


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User management

With NÜO One you will ensure that all students and teachers in schools are identified by their fingerprint or high security card. Controls the entrance to the facilities from the outside and to all the protected spaces inside. It includes help points throughout the university campus so that students who need it can contact the secretary in case of information or emergency needs.

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Tickets controlled at all times

In the event that a stranger tries to enter the building, they will find the entrances blocked. Using the W & amp; M video intercom at the entrance door, non-accredited visitors will be able to communicate with reception and the secretariat will verify their identity to allow their entry.

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Emergency situations

System for evacuation in case of emergency. The selected doors will open automatically, facilitating the orderly exit of students and teachers, reducing the risk of accidents. NÜO One allows the creation of antipassback zones, which facilitate the management of access in real time, computing user entries and exits, with occupancy level control and full capacity notice.

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Capacity control

And in the event of an evacuation, the capacity control function informs us of who remains in the facilities and allows us to establish meeting points for emergency situations. It is also possible to ensure the presence of responsible personnel in special areas.

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